First Baptist Church Orangefield is a community that desires to see lives changes by God’s love.

1) We believe that Jesus is the head of the church, therefore, he tells FBC Orangefield  what to do, we don’t tell him.
2) We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, and it is our sole authority for our faith and practice.
3) We believe that the only way of salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
4) People matter to God; therefore, they matter to us.
5) We believe that missions, discipleship, evangelism and all other ministries come from an intimate, personal relationship with Christ. We stay connected to the vine and Jesus produces the fruit.
6) We are committed to unity, understanding that the world knows we belong to Jesus because of the way we love each other. 
7) We want to be and do all that we do as a church for the glory of God.